Graduate Tuition, Scholarships, and Assistantships

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Graduate Scholarships

Students pursuing the course-only path in a graduate program can earn up to an $8,000 scholarship each year. No additional application required – but admissions applications are due by July 15th for consideration


Full Scholarship Graduate Assistantships

Students pursuing the 2-year thesis program can secure a Graduate Assistantship which includes a full tuition scholarship plus a $4000 stipend per term. These are highly competitive and limited in number. No additional application required. Admitted students are automatically reviewed by faculty for these awards.

•Full-time tuition waived
•Competitive stipend of up to $4,000 * per semester (including a summer term). Stipend is paid biweekly across each semester in exchange for 10 hours of instructional support.
•Research mentorship and guidance from faculty
*New GAs, beginning their program fall 2023 and forward, will receive the maximum $4000 per
semester stipend

To remain eligible as a graduate assistant, students will need to stay on track for the thesis pathway and graduate on time. Students are expected to dedicate significant time to their research throughout the program.
The assistantship also requires a commitment of ten (10) hours per week of instructional support as
assigned by the academic department. Students are also allowed to work no more than an additional ten (10) hours per week on campus at an hourly rate.
More information regarding graduate assistantship eligibility and policies can be found in the graduate catalog and handbook.

Graduate assistantships are awarded on a competitive basis during the admission process. Students interested in a graduate assistantship should speak with the Associate Director of Graduate Admissions, Ryan Sullivan, and indicate their interest in the thesis pathway on their application. Graduate assistantships, each evaluated by a faculty committee, are highly competitive and limited in number each year. Students working full-time are ineligible for graduate assistantships.


Cost of Attendance

Tuition and Fees* $8,506
Room and Board $12,219
Books $1,200
Transportation and Other Expenses $4,000
Total $25,925


Tuition and Fees* $19,998
Room and Board $12,219
Books $1,200
Transportation and Other Expenses $4,000
Total $37,417


*Based upon 18 credit hours, 2022-2023 rates


Residency for Tuition

All students are required to complete a residency application. If you’ve lived in Florida for at least one full year before the start of classes, you may be eligible for in-state tuition.