University Policies, Regulations, and Rules

Florida Poly policies provide guidance on expectations and requirements for those conducting business on behalf of the University. Regulations and rules govern conduct and business at the University. 


Policies, Regulations, and Rules

FPU-1.001AP Policy Creation and Development Process – Academic Policies 6.7.21

FPU-1.001P Policy Creation and Development Process – Non-Academic Policies 9.23.20

FPU-1.0002P Florida Poly ID Cards 11.3.17

FPU-1.003 Use of University Facilities and Property 12.6.17

FPU-1.0003P Alcohol Policy 12.10.14

FPU-1.0004P Naming of Buildings and Facilities 10.30.13

FPU-1.0031P Campus Water Bodies 10.13.14

FPU-1.0032P Fishing on Campus 6.4.18

FPU-1.0033 Unmanned Aircraft Systems (AUS) and Model Aircraft 12.11.19

FPU-1.0035P Smoking and Tobacco Use on University Campus 10.6.21

FPU-1.0036P Drug-Free Environment 1.10.17

FPU-1.0038P Events on University Property 3.19.19

FPU-1.0039P Use of University Vehicles and Other Vehicles for University Business 9.27.18

FPU-1.004 Non-Discrimination/Equal Opportunity 1.14.14

FPU-1.0041 Prohibition of Discrimination in University Training or Instruction 09.28.22

FPU-1.005 Discrimination and Harassment Complaint and Investigation Procedures 09.28.22

FPU-1.005P Sexual Misconduct 10.6.21

FPU-1.006 Trespass 6.5.15

FPU-1.0061P Intellectual Property 6.3.15

FPU-1.007 Campus Free Expression 3.15.19

FPU-1.008 University Holidays 5.14.13

FPU-1.0081P Compensation Related to University Holidays 11.10.16

FPU-1.009 Commercial Solicitation on University Property 7.29.14

FPU-1.01 Service of Process 2.26.20

FPU-1.010 Use of Skateboards, Skates, Scooters and Similar Devices, and High Risk Activities 3.17.16

FPU-1.011 Political Activity on Campus 6.5.15

FPU-1.0121P Social Security Number Use 8.25.14

FPU-1.01215P Process for Registering a Recognized Social Media Account and Guidance on Use of a Recognized Social Media Account 7.24.17

FPU-1.0122P Record Retention Policy 7.16.21

FPU-1.0123P Public Records Policy 8.27.14

FPU-1.0124P HIV and AIDS Information 8.24.15

FPU-1.0125 Fraud Prevention and Detection 09.28.22

FPU-1.0127P Substantive Change and Accrediting Agency and Compliance 8.25.21

FPU-1.0128P Contract Review 4.27.15

FPU-1.0132P Use of University Name and Logos 9.22.15

FPU-1.014 Animals on University Property 3.16.17

FPU-1.015 Allegations of Fraud, Waste, Abuse, or Financial Mismanagement 11.15.22

FPU-1.0305 Commercial Filming on Campus 06.05.24

6C13-1.002 University Traffic Rules 9.19.14

6C13-1.003 Parking on University Property 3.4.18

6C13-1.004 Schedule of Parking Fees and Fines 3.4.18

FPU-5.001 Academic Freedom and Responsibility 1.14.14

FPU-5.0001AP New Degree Program Planning and Approval 11.18.20

FPU-5.0002AP Faculty Credentialing Policy 2.16.22

FPU-5.0003AP Credit Hour Policy – Academic Policies 07.15.21

FPU-5.0006AP Grade Forgiveness Policy 8.24.21

FPU-5.0008AP Academic Program Termination Policy 8.27.14

FPU-5.0009AP Acceptance of Articulated Acceleration Mechanisms 5.29.14

FPU-5.00012AP Approval of Non-Degree Academic Programs 12.5.18

FPU-5.0010AP Student Attendance 5.28.14

FPU-5.0011AP Name Change on Academic Records 5.28.14

FPU-5.0012AP Protection of Academic Freedom 6.20.16

FPU-5.0017AP Graduation with Honors 5.28.14

FPU-5.0018AP Reading Days 5.28.14

FPU-5.002 University Institutes and Centers 2.21.14

FPU-5.0021AP Establishment of University Institutes and Centers 12.2.15

FPU-5.0022AP Operating and Reporting Requirements for University Institutes and Centers 12.2.15

FPU-5.003 Textbook and Instruction Materials Selection Affordability 5.3.21

FPU-5.004 Library Services 2.13.24

FPU-5.0042AP Library Collection Development Policy 12.17.14

FPU-5.005 Academic Integrity 5.3.21

FPU-5.0062AP Academic Program Review and Continuous Improvement Processes 4.6.21

FPU-5.0065AP Course Syllabi 10.30.20

FPU-5.0071AP Grading Policy 4.20.21

FPU-5.00711AP Grade Submission 7.31.15

FPU-5.00712AP Incomplete Grade 07.15.21

FPU-5.00714AP Student Grade Appeals 2.16.15

FPU-5.00715AP Grade Change 8.31.15

FPU-5.0072 Examination and Assessment of Instruments 6.14.23

FPU-5.0073AP Final Exams 6.2.15

FPU-5.0074AP Undergraduate Academic Progress & Standing 12.6.21

FPU-5.00741AP Presidents and Provost’s Lists 3.26.15

FPU-5.00742AP Satisfactory Academic Progress 2.13.17

FPU-5.00744AP Graduate Academic Standing, Academic Dismissal and Readmission 10.09.20

FPU-5.00745AP Request for Exception to Graduate Program Requirements 3.7.17

FPU-5.0075AP Course Audit Policy 7.31.15

FPU-5.00812AP Curriculum and Course Actions 3.31.21

FPU-5.0082AP Transfer of Credits 08.24.21

FPU-5.0084 Course Credit for Military Training and Courses 6.14.23

FPU-5.0086AP Credit for Online Courses Completed Prior to Initial Enrollment 9.9.15

FPU-5.0088AP Maximum Allowed Course Load 6.2.15

FPU-5.0091AP Change of Major 07.15.21

FPU-5.0094AP Baccalaureate Degree Graduation Requirements 4.22.22

FPU-5.0095AP Honorary Degrees 12.2.15

FPU-5.0096AP Graduate Degree Graduation Requirements 2.5.21

FPU-5.096AP Commencement Participation and Regalia Policy 4.22.22

FPU-5.0097AP Date of Graduation 1.3.17

FPU-5.0101AP Course Drop/Add 9.23.14

FPU-5.0102AP Registration 8.24.21

FPU-5.0103AP Undergraduate Withdrawals 12.6.21

FPU-5.01035AP Graduate Withdrawals 2.6.21

FPU-5.0104AP Registration, Transcript, Final Grades, and Diploma Holds 8.17.15

FPU-5.0106AP Leave of Absence from Graduate Program 1.26.16

FPU-5.0123AP Graduate Thesis Committee 10.09.20

FPU-5.0131AP Establishment of Study Abroad Programs 11.17.17

FPU-5.0132AP Student Eligibility to Participate in Study Abroad Programs 11.17.17

FPU-5.0640AP Distributed Learning Policy 07.15.21

Archived Policies, Regulations, and Rules