All University employees engaged in the procurement cycle, including the President, Vice Presidents, Deans, Chairpersons, Directors, Budget Committee Members, initiators of requisitions and their Supervisors, Receiving Personnel, Finance and Accounting Personnel, e-card holders, and all members of the Department of Procurement are bound by Chapter 18 - Florida Board of Governors Procurement Regulation and University Policy FPU-8.0011P - Purchasing Goods and Services.


Our mission is to pursue best value sources of supply, provide excellent customer service, engage diverse vendors, increase efficiency of operations through regular enterprise system assessment and process orders in a timely manner while acting in accordance with applicable Federal regulations, Florida State statutes, Board of Governors and University policies and regulations.


  • Analyze spend data to support cost savings and sourcing initiatives.
  • Review and approve procurement requests.
  • Oversee all procurement related contracts.
  • Approve contracts under $500,000 (including all renewals).
  • Review and approve P- Card requests.
  • Provide P-cards to eligible University staff along with training; assign appropriate security; ensure timely reconciliation; add/delete proxies.
  • Review and approve supplier applications and change requests.
  • Review and approve requests for expenditure of University funds.
  • Assess enterprise system to ensure efficiency of operations.
  • Receipt of goods to the central receiving area; delivery of goods to various departments at the Main, Poly South and FIPR campuses; pickup and shipment of outgoing commodities as needed.
  • Manage the sale or disposal of surplus property.
  • Maintain compliance with  all state, local, university, government and BOG Regulations.