Employee Relations

Employee Relations provides education, training, mentoring, guidance, and consultation to employees, supervisors, managers, and administrators to address workplace issues relating to performance management and the application of policies and procedures.
The Office of Employee Relations is a resource for employees and supervisors who would like confidential assistance in dealing with an array of work-related personnel issues. 

The office works collaboratively with department administrators and employees on effective employee-manager communications and provides coaching to improve performance, resolve conflicts, and develop strategies for addressing and resolving conflicts and problems before corrective action and grievances occur.

When to contact Employee Relations

Call or email if you would like to speak to Employee Relations regarding:

  • Employee separations
  • Employment policies and procedures
  • Expectations of employees and managers
  • Grievance procedures
  • Management consultations
  • Performance management
  • Probationary employees
  • Complaint resolution and conflict mediation
  • Counseling and formal discipline
  • Collective bargaining agreement compliance
  • Work-life stress
  • Workplace conflict
  • Any other workplace situation

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