Learning and Professional Development 


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Florida Poly Leadership Academy  

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The Leadership Academy is designed to enhance leadership skills, broaden perspectives, and equip current managers with the tools and knowledge necessary to excel in their current roles and beyond. This program is specifically tailored to nurture leaders who have demonstrated exceptional aptitude and the desire to make a lasting impact within the organization.

The current (inaugural) Cohort 1 is in progress. Cohort 2 is coming in Fall 2024.


Florida Poly Pathways  

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Disclaimer: Completion of Professional Development Programs 

For transparency and to help align expectations, the completion of any learning, training, and development programs is an achievement that signifies your dedication to personal and professional development. These programs are designed to provide participants with additional tools and skills to enhance their capabilities and performance.

However, it is important to understand that completing programs is not intended to guarantee a promotion or an advancement in position within Florida Polytechnic University. The program's primary objective is to empower you with a comprehensive networking opportunity as well as behind the scenes knowledge and enhancement of skills aiding in your overall growth and effectiveness in your current role or future endeavors.

We encourage participants to apply the insights and skills gained from this program to their professional life, recognizing that personal growth and development is a continuous journey, not a destination marked by a specific title or role.