Human Resources

Quiet Quality Awards

The Quiet Quality award recognizes the contributions of Florida Poly staff employees.


The Quiet Quality Award serves to acknowledge the significant contributions made by staff employees at Florida Poly. This award offers a platform for employees to commend their peers for exceptional work and a positive influence within the University in an informal and flexible manner, compared to other University award initiatives.

On a quarterly basis, the Human Resources department invites nominations, and selects an outstanding individual for the award. The ideal candidate should demonstrate a steadfast commitment to providing excellent service to both their colleagues and the University as a whole.

Eligibility for the award requires a minimum of six months of continuous employment at the University, and the nominee must be in good standing at the time the award is presented. Assessment of candidates is based on their alignment with, and embodiment of, the core values as outlined in the Florida Poly Formula – including conscientiousness, professionalism, work performance, and contributions to the University’s operations.

The award package for recipients includes a framed certificate of the award signed by the president and a commemorative Quiet Quality desk trophy. Additionally, recipients will be featured in both the Weekly Phoenix newsletter and the private employee Facebook group

The Office of Human Resources will accept nominations for the Quiet Quality Award Program four times a year, once a quarter. This initiative is designed to spotlight the outstanding and impactful efforts of our dedicated staff employees, who consistently excel in their roles. An employee will be chosen for recognition each quarter, and all nominations must be submitted by the designated deadline. The selected recipient will be announced shortly after this date. To nominate a deserving employee, please complete this form and submit it via email to Human Resources.

Previous Winners

May 2023 

Martha Williams, Data Input Operator, Admissions and Financial Aid

Congratulations to Martha Williams on being named the Quiet Quality recipient for May 2023. Martha has been with the University since November 2013 working for the Admissions Department. She works supporting admissions and the Registrar's Office, playing a crucial role behind the scenes. Martha's dedication and professionalism have made a significant impact on the University. Her meticulous work as a data input operator ensures the smooth functioning of various departments. Although her efforts may often go unnoticed, her contributions are invaluable. Martha's colleague, Shelley Esker, nominated her for the Quiet Quality Award. Shelley believes that Martha embodies the essence of this recognition due to her positive attitude toward all departments and colleagues. The nomination received enthusiastic endorsement from Martha's colleagues and the Human Resources Department.

July 2023 

Andy Farrington, Senior Procurement Agent/Buyer, Procurement Department 

Congratulations to Andy Farrington on being named the Quiet Quality Award recipient for July 2023. Andy consistently goes above and beyond to help everyone.  He not only helped a department find new vendors, but he met with them in person to follow up and ensure the work would get done in a timely manner. He is always willing to help resolve an issue or explain how to get something done. Andy is always pleasant to work with and he is very knowledgeable in his field and does not hesitate to share his expertise. On behalf of the University, please congratulate Andy for being a great team member and a positive example to others! 

May 2022

Roquiah Craft, International Student Compliance Specialist, University Registrar’s Office

Congratulations to Roquiah Craft on being named the inaugural Quiet Quality Award recipient. Roquiah has been with the university for three years and serves as our International Student Compliance Specialist. Roquiah exemplifies our core values as she consistently goes above and beyond in performing her duties. She is courteous and professional in working with both students and staff and is considered a source of knowledge and problem solver to those she serves and works with. Please join me in congratulating Roquiah and thanking her for her selfless dedication to the university.

October 2022

Emily Garrard, Budget Analyst, Budget Office

Congratulations to Emily Garrard on being named the Quiet Quality Award recipient for October 2022. Emily’s the epitome of what Quiet Quality represents. She is soft-spoken, but considered one of the most hard-working, reliable, and resourceful employees on her team. She responds to others with soothing reassurance and is positive in her approach to work. She acts with integrity as she helps others navigate between challenges and solutions. She’s often the first to arrive and last to leave work gatherings – always lending a helping hand to others. She was also cited for her patience in helping colleagues understand processes – making their jobs much easier to complete in the process. Emily is kind, considerate, and always greets others in a cheerful manner. On behalf of the University, please congratulate Emily for her fine work and positive example to others!

December 2022

Melissa Vazquez, Director, Academic Affairs, Provost’s Office

Congratulations to Melissa Vazquez on being selected as our third Quiet Quality Award recipient. Melissa has been with the university since 2013, and she exemplifies many of our core values. Melissa was cited for her professionalism, high performance and contributions, and her ability to find enduring solutions to multiple problems. She serves as a role model to others and is an effective member of several collaborative groups. Ms. Vazquez has worked with numerous individuals across the university and her nomination was supported by several departments across campus. Please join us in congratulating Melissa for her exemplary service to others and the university.